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Scalp Intensive

$75.60 $84

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Give dandruff the boot with this triple threat
Clarifies the hair and scalp
Removes flakes and excess sebum
Tackles the root cause of dandruff
Calms the scalp and reduces itching
Restores and maintains optimal scalp condition

Ingredient Glossary

Scalp Intensive

Scalp Intensive

$75.60 $84
Product Description

It's easy to overlook the fact that our scalp is just as important as the rest of our skin and can suffer from the same imbalances and stressors. One such imbalance is dandruff, which is caused by the excess shedding of skin cells on the scalp. A common cause of dandruff is the overgrowth of a yeast-like fungus called Malassezia, which thrives on excess sebum. But dandruff can have other causes as well.

The Dandruff Intensive bundle includes three HairShots that together tackle dandruff and promote a long term healthy, flake-free scalp. The first HairShot, "No Flakes Antimicrobials," contains three antimicrobial Actives that tackle dandruff at the source. The second HairShot, "Product Detox," was developed to remove product build-up, but using it weekly in your regular shampoo can also help control excess sebum and eliminate flakes on the scalp. The third HairShot, "Scalp Balance," helps calm the scalp and reduce irritation and itch, while also maintaining the scalp's microbiome for long-term scalp health.

What's In It

All ingredients in these HairShots are clean. Their safety, in terms of both people and the planet, is based on regulatory guidelines and further corroborated by the Environmental Working Group database ( So you can be sure they’re free from any chemicals or toxins of concern, and meet the strictest standards for your health.


While ingredients are carefully selected for your safety, if you might be sensitive please do a skin patch test first. Note that HairShots™ are concentrated and designed specifically to be used diluted in a hair product, and not alone.


No Flakes Antimicrobials

This Shot combines 3 naturally-derived antimicrobial Actives - Piroctone Olamine, Defenscalp™, and Tea Tree Oil - to rectify this Malassezia imbalance and restore the normal ecosystem of the scalp. Salicylic Acid and Propanediol have been added to lift and remove flakes and to help stop itchiness and irritation. 


No Flakes Antimicrobial


Product Detox

Product Detox uses 3 ‘cleaning’ Actives - SCI Powder, Activated Charcoal and Witch Hazel - to supercharge your everyday shampoo to remove all this product build-up. It won’t strip the strands or dry out the scalp, so it’s safe for colour and keratin-treated hair, and all hair textures . And Glycolic Acid has been added to unclog the follicles and make them more receptive to subsequent treatments. Product Detox is a great companion to other HairShots™and salon treatments as it resets the stage, helping them to work more effectively.  


Product Detox



Scalp Balance

This Shot is like a facial for the scalp! It combines the gentle exfoliation of Lactic Acid to clean and unclog follicles, with 3 soothing Actives to relieve dryness, itchiness, and irritation. We’ve added the probiotic skincare ingredient Papaya Ferment to keep the scalp’s microbiome in equilibrium, and finally, a bit of menthyl lactate to leave the scalp feeling cool and refreshed. 


Scalp Balance

How To Use It

Twist the base to pop the pump. In the palm of your hand, pump approx. 2 - 4 drops into your hair product. Mix it up with your hair product and massage very well into the scalp (even better if you have a scalp massager).  Wait a minimum of 2 min (the longer the better) before rinsing. 

Note: Product Detox should only be used in shampoo. No Flakes Antimicrobial and Scalp Balance can be used with shampoos, conditions and any rinse-off hair product. 

Each HairShot should offer approx. 20 - 25 uses per bottle. 

More detailed directions and information on using each of these HairShots can be found here:

No Flakes Antimicrobial

Product Detox

Scalp Balance


Usage Suggestions:

The central benefit of HairShots is that it gives you the control and flexibility to meet the particular needs of your hair. So, you can layer these 3 HairShots into your hair products in any combination that works best for you. 


Here are 4 good options, and you can also try your own: 

Option 1: 

Alternate between using Product Detox and Scalp Balance in your shampoo

Add No Flakes Antimicrobials into your conditioner


Option 2: 

Use Product Detox weekly in your shampoo

Combine 2 Shots of No Flakes Antimicrobial and 1 Shot of Scalp Balance to your conditioner, 


Option 3:

Particularly for those who only use shampoo or a co-wash, and don’t use conditioner

In your shampoo, use No Flakes Antimicrobials every second wash, while alternating between Product Detox and Scalp Balance: i.e. creating this pattern: No Flakes Antimicrobial - Product Detox - No Flakes Antimicrobial - Scalp Balance etc. 


And in addition: 

Combine No Flakes Antimicrobial and Scalp Balance into any rinse-off hair treatment or mask, ensuring the mix has good contact with the scalp for as long as possible before rinsing.