Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a HairShot?

HairShots are a concentrate of 4-6 Active ingredients that address a particular hair concern or goal. They are formulated to be added into your own hair products, in your hand when you use them. The Actives we have selected for each HairShot are the same as those you might find in your favourite hair products - in fact, we curate them based on some of the most loved hair products in the world - the difference is that HairShots enable you to customise your own hair products to be able to address all your individual issues at the same time, or only use what you want when you want it. It's about effortless personalisation - your individual hair, your hair products, your way. And your best hair ever. 

How do I use HairShots?

It’s effortless - In the palm of your hand, just add 2 - 4 pumps of HairShots into your own hair product; mix together and apply it as usual. Best to leave it in for 2-3 min before rinsing. Each HairShot has directions on whether it can be used with all hair products, or is best in shampoo, conditioner, rinse-off, or leave-in.

Can Hairshots be used on their own?

HairShots are concentrated, and the hair product it goes into acts as a ‘distributor’ or delivery system to spread it through your scalp or strands. Think of coffee going into hot water. That said, there are exceptions: in addition to adding it to your hair products, Thinning Peptides can be used as a concentrate on hairlines and thinning patches; and a tiny amount of Insta lustre can be applied to ends of hair (or mixed with a bot of water and applied). Most importantly, you can ‘play’ with HairShots and see what works for your hair. Note: Each Shot comes with directions, so no need to memorise this!

What is an Active?

It’s an ingredient that is in a formulation to make an impact on the hair (or skin in skincare), rather than for the benefit of the formulation . So, the non-active ingredients might be the base ingredient (often water), or something to make the mixture more spreadable, stop it separating or ensure its remains safe and bacteria free. Actives do the work.

Are there any hair products I can’t use with HairShots? Can it clash with the Actives in my own products?

The bottle directions will tell you whether that Shot is most effective in shampoo or conditioner, rinsed off or a left-in. And within each of these ‘systems’, there’s no reason they wouldn’t work or would ‘clash’ with any hair product or other active ingredients.

Can one use too much of a Shot or use it too often?

Not in a way that’s unsafe or carries any real risk or is a cause for any concern.  In the same way that using too much conditioner might make hair a bit flat, sometimes there can be too much of a good thing! So, if your hair was working brilliantly with a Shot, but then isn’t, simply cut back a little.

Can I mix HairShots together?

HairShots are absolutely designed to combine, so a big yes, you absolutely can. When you start out, I would suggest trying each separately to start, so you get a sense of how each is working on your hair. Also, for best results follow directions on whether each Shot is better in shampoo or conditioner (some work in both), or leave-in or rinse-off.

Are HairShots safe if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes. For starters, there is a lot of misinformation floating around about what is and isn’t safe. But we have not only adhered to Australian regulatory guidelines, we also use the independent EWG database to determine if there are any concerns about an ingredient, (for person or planet) and only use those that are given a ‘green light’. HairShots are safe.

Are all HairShots safe for colour and chemically-treated hair?

Yes they are. They have been formulated with this in mind.

Can HairShots be used with extensions?

Extensions might not mix well with keratin proteins. To this end, best not to use Keratin Bond Repair and Thinning Peptides with extensions - all the other HairShots will be fine (and Insta Lustre will be great to moisturise them).

If I buy multiple HairShots, how do I juggle all of them?

If you’ve bought a bundle, the website has combined usage suggestions on each bundle product's page. But that said, you really can’t go too wrong - it's about individual trial and error and what works best for you and your hair. I do suggest that starting out, use one at a time so you can see the impact of each on your hair and scalp.

I don’t wash my hair often so how else can I use Thinning Peptides.

One option is to mix it into any absorbing face moisturiser or a fast-absorbing, non-greasy oil (like grapeseed oil or jojoba oil - both great for the scalp too),  and massage it into your scalp before bedtime, leaving it in until next wash. Also, Thinning Peptides is one Shot that can actually be used as a concentrate, particularly on thinning patches, like receding hairlines. Although it’s absolutely safe to do this, as it is a concentrate, it's worth doing a skin test first to ensure you have no particular sensitivities.

Can you use too much Keratin?

Yes, it is one ingredient that can be a case of “too much of a good thing”. But there’s no specific amount that is considered too much, as it's very individual (and for many people, it might never be the case). So, it's just about paying attention to your hair and  if it suddenly flips in the wrong direction and texture becomes slightly more brittle, it might be an indication to take a break or use less often. 

What do you mean by HairShots being  ‘conscious beauty’?

We use this term to refer collectively to our ethos and efforts to be kind to scalp, hair, people, animals and planet. To be highly conscious of our impact, whether intended or unintended. Our ingredients are absolutely clean and safe, we are uncompromising in being cruelty-free, our bottles are currently 30% recycled material (we are moving to 100% recycled material in the near future). Delivery bags and shippers also use eco-friendly substrates. It’s an ongoing journey to get better and better.