Twist the base to pop the pump. In the palm of your hand, pump approx. 2 - 4 drops into any hair product that can be used on the scalp. Mix it up and massage well into the scalp (even better if you use a scalp massager).  Wait a minimum of 2 min (the longer the better) before rinsing. This Shot is enhanced the longer it is left in contact with the scalp, and can be used with a leave-in. 

Offers approx. 20 - 25 uses per bottle. 


Ingredients are carefully selected for your safety, but if you might be sensitive please do a skin patch test first. Note that HairShots™ are concentrated and designed specifically to be used diluted in a hair product, and not alone


YES to: 

Using with all hair products

Using with HairShots™ Scalp Balance

Using on chemically-treated hair

Pro Tips

  • For receding hairlines or thinning hotspots, add to your everyday facial moisturiser, and work into these areas, and leave it in.