Twist the base to pop the pump. In the palm of your hand, pump 1 - 4 drops into your hair product. Mix it up and distribute well through the scalp and strands. For Thinning Peptides and Scalp Balance massage deeply into the scalp, for Keratin Bond Repair distribute well through strands. Wait a minimum of 2 min (the longer the better) before rinsing - Thinning Peptides in particular is enhanced the longer it remains in contact with the scalp. 

Keratin Bond Repair: Best in conditioner, and rinse-off treatments

Scalp Balance: Any rinse off product

Thinning Peptides: Any hair product, including both rinse-off and leave-in. Can be added to facial moisturiser, and massaged into receding hairlines and thinning areas. 

Each HairShot should offer approx. 20 - 25 uses per bottle. 

More detailed directions and information on using each of these HairShots can be found here:

Keratin Bond Repair

Thinning Peptides

Scalp Balance


Usage Suggestions:

The central benefit of HairShots is that it gives you the control and flexibility to meet the particular needs of your hair. So, you can layer these 3 HairShots into your hair products in any combination that works best for you. 

Here are 2 suggestions: 


Option 1: 

If thinning hair is your main concern, consider incorporating Thinning Peptides into your shampoo and conditioner as frequently as possible. Additionally, you can add Scalp Balance to your shampoo or conditioner once a week, and incorporate Keratin Bond Repair into your conditioner once a week. 


Option 2: 

If damage and breakage are your priorities, consider using Keratin Bond Repair in your conditioner once or twice a week, or adding it to a rinse-off treatment every other week. You can also incorporate Scalp Balance into your conditioner, either on its own or in combination with Keratin Bond Repair, on a weekly basis. Additionally, consider adding Thinning Peptides to your shampoo as desired to support healthy hair growth.