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“I have been using the Thinning Peptides and Scalp Balance for just over a month now (with the occasional use of the Insta Lustre). Since using the Scalp Balance with my shampoo and Thinning Peptides with my conditioner, I've noticed less dandruff and reduced hair fall every morning (I wash my hair about 3 times a week). Recently, I've noticed more baby hairs growing on my crown and around my temple area and I love how shiny my hair looks. It's still early days, but I'm really enjoying how easy the products can be integrated into my usual haircare products and so far, so good! I hope to see even more hair growth and even less hair fall over the coming months!Thank you!”


"I was having serious hair loss for months - I really thought my good hair days were over. 

I’ve been using the thinning peptides for about a month now and I was skeptical in the beginning, but I’m so glad I stuck with it. 

My hair density has really improved, especially around my hairline and part. I have an abundance of soft new baby hairs, where I previously had fragile, coarse and wiry growth. 

My hair fall has decreased dramatically, and an added bonus - my oily, itchy, inflamed scalp is SO healthy now. This product is soothing, smells great, soaks in, it’s easy to use, and does what it claims to do. I really can’t wait to continue my Hair Shots journey! "


"I have very thick and coarse hair which has become dry and brittle from years of heat styling.
I’ve been using hair shots insta lustre and keratin bond repair for a few months now and my hair is transformed!
It is much shinier with less breakage and flyaways. I am so happy with the results.
Next time I plan on adding the product detox and scalp balance to my routine and I am looking forward to seeing the results.



"My story is a tough one…I lost my adult son in October of 2023. My once thick hair started falling out by the handful and became thin and difficult to manage. I started using Hairshots and look at my hair! It’s thicker, shinier and I am getting compliments by people once again. Thanks a bunch for seeing me through a hard time and giving me back the gray hair I earned every strand of and love! "


"WOW, this is a great product. I feel like my hair has a much nicer tone to it.It has really brightened and refreshed the colour, it’s not placebo I can definitely see an improvement. "


"After a lifetime of buying anti-dandruff shampoo which had none of the other benefits I was after…3 washes in and I’m obsessed! Dandruff has cleared up and my hair is so much smoother.And I love using them."


"I went down the whole curly girl rabbit hole before, but this routine was so easy…and has restored my curls and my hair has never looked so soft and healthy"


"I think Keratin Bond is better than K18. Love these two Shots."


"Product Detox removes clingy build-up I didn’t even know I had…they make such a noticeable difference."


"I actually can’t believe the difference in my hair…It’s softer, more manageable and definitely feels thicker…"

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Hair shot - give me growth

Used only twice so far but I feel my scalp tingle in the best way, could that be new hair growth? I love the smell and ease of use so hopefully will see results - hair loss at 49 due to menopause is stressful

Good until you stop using

This product works well to stop hair shedding however, shedding becomes worse when you stop using it

Hair so soft and silky

I’ve only used it twice but noticed a big difference in the softness and silkiness of my grey but fine hair. Doesn’t make my hair flat or oily which is fantastic. Can’t wait to see how it improves my hair growth.

Thinning Peptides
Patricia Hanson
It works ❤️

I lost all my hair to chemotherapy and have been rubbing the Thinning Peptides on my scalp for past 2 weeks. My hair is growing and I've ordered another bottle. Love it. ❤️

Bombshell Duo

Just arrived, very fast delivery I must say , will update when I actually use the product

Thinning Peptides
Bettina Bale
Good stuff

The Peptides are really working. No doubt. Hair feels thicker straight away, no greasiness. But, there is very little in the bottle and you can't even get the last bit out with the pump. So, not to waste any of the 15ml, I opened the bottle up and put the liquid in a small glass bottle with a pipette. I am in two minds about quantity for money, but with special offers I will buy again.

Age Defying Trio
Christine Cormick
Older hair

My hair being okder my scalp being drier I didn’t know what to expect but hair shots surprised me. I have only used it once my scalp stopped itching my hair is still soft & manageable

Perfectly Blonde
Bettina Bale
Really good

I really like the perfectly blonde. Much better than any blonde additives I used before. Nice clear blonde and the hair feels really good.

Great product

Best Product I've Ever Used

That's a big claim but it's true. I've used 3 bottles of the Keratin Bond Repair so I think that's enough of a trial to declare that this product is the best. I only use 2 pumps mixed into my conditioner, it leaves my hair so soft and healthy. My hairdresser can't believe the difference it makes!

My literal only thing is as much as I love the bright bottles design, once you get to the end and can't pump any more there is still plenty of product left at the bottom, which involves prying open the bottle and using a cotton tip to scoop out product for the next few washes. Would be great if there was a way that the product was being pushed up fully as it is used so that all of it is able to be used.

I can definitely feel a difference!

Early days & I only wash my hair twice a week but I can feel a difference. Not only does it make my hair super soft but the volume it creates is amazing!!!

Game changer

10/10. I’m a hairdresser of 25+ yrs. This stuff is fabulous. I’d sell it in truck loads if I could sell as retail. My hair is bleached and fine and it’s bought it back to life.
It’s wonderful


Was expecting something… no difference was found.

Finally something that works! I noticed a difference with less hair fall straight away and my hair feels so much thicker now. I love it and will continue to purchase.

Keratin Bond Repair

My hair loves this stuff!! I wish the bottle was bigger!!

Fantastic product! I've used my hair shots in maybe 5 or 6 washes so far and oh my gosh you can see the results already!
I've got little baby hairs coming in thick! I'm so so so happy!! Will definitely buy more!

Only started using but thus far I’m happy

Very small amounts for the price. Doesn’t last long

The Vitality Trio
Rayne Bell
My hair is loving all of these!!!

These hair shots added to my current products has made a huge difference. After recommendation from my hair dresser I ordered the pack. My hair is absolutely loving them, it’s softer, healthier, with a beautiful shiny gloss.

My hair is definitely falling out less. Love this product

I had my doubts, another gimmicky product that I waste money on lol First time it didn’t do too much, 2nd time I used two pumps in my conditioner….. I have blonde dyed hair and it actually felt soft and looked shiney….nothing usually makes my hair look shiney. If it keeps this up, I’m a lifetime customer!!

Too early to tell

Love the feeling it leaves in my hair. Soft, shiny and manageable.

Great products. Highly recommend

Too soon to review

Ask me again in a month 14 days is too soon I haven’t noticed a difference in hair loss yet